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Community Library

Marshfield Community Library

Gill LeMasonry

Vice Chair

Howard Finnegan

Dawn Brooks
Andy Christie

Lucy Cousins
Peter Hogben

Becky Homent
Ros Snow


For an Appointment please email, call or write to the office to arrange a time.

Tuesday - Thursday.

01225 892102

Tolzey Hall

41 High St


SN14 8LR

Marshfield Community Library is the village’s first-ever dedicated library service, having first opened its doors in March 2017, and now opens EVERY Thursday between 2.00-4.00pm.Marshfield was the first village to set up its own volunteer-based library, in partnership with South Gloucestershire Libraries following the closure of the mobile library service.


Since October 2017, we have been the village's official and only library service.With the support of the Community Centre, we have a permanent home for our 400+ books, as well as an ever-changing array of donated books. We’re based in the foyer, now boasting comfy seating too, which has become a popular and convenient place for book-lovers to gather for a cuppa and a chat, or to quietly browse the bookshelves. A book ordering system is also available online or in person, and we have a volunteer making Home Visits for those in the village who are unable to visit in person.


If you would like to know more about the library, or join our friendly team of volunteers, please get in touch. You can email us with any enquiries:

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